Whether out on the waves, on the beach, playing golf or on safari people exposed to the sun need effective ultraviolet screening. Hence the masses of creams and sprays used each summer. If that is no sufficient, on go the textile “cover-ups”, preferably combined with conventional UV protection.

But what only a few people realize is that cotton provides little resistance to UVA/UVB radiation, particularly when white or in light colors. The protection is even less when cotton fabric becomes wet. Enter BELFASUN® from Pulcra Chemicals – the world’s first sun protection especially for cotton.

Textiles subjected to this process can be relied upon to give safe and dependable sun protection. BELFASUN® ensures total UVB and 70% UVA radiation absorption, with the remaining 30% UVA being effectively scattered. Fit for the Sun.

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Zinc oxide is a highly effective component widely used in baby care products. Its anti-inflammatory properties are generally well known in cosmetics and have been widely utilized for decades in care creams. The advantages of the zinc oxide as compared to traditional UV filters are many and varied.

And – in volume terms – the minutest of quantities are sufficient in order to achieve the desired effect. Never the less, around 400 billion nano zinc oxide particles measuring around 50 nm are applied to each cm2 of fabric weightin 100 g/m2. In contrast to traditional UV filters, zinc oxide is toxicologically harmless and generally highly tolerable. There are no known allergies triggered by zinc oxide.


  • Reliable and enduring sun protection with nano zinc oxide
  • Wash permanence > 40 household washes
  • No loss of performance in wet or stretched fabrics
  • Effective protection against UVA and UVB radiation
  • Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) 20-80 – depending
  • on construction and weight per m2 of the fabric
  • Zinc oxide particles recognized for the skin care properties
  • Dermatologically tested


BELFASUN® utilizes nano particles of zinc oxide (ZnO) capable of absorbing and scattering UV radiation. These become permanently attached to the target textile through the action of a specially developed bonding system, which gets applied to the fabric during the industrial fabric or garment finishing process.

BELFASUN® contains tiny nano zinc oxide particles that are firmly attached to the fibers of the fabric. These absorb and scatter UVA and UVB radiation, reliably protecting the skin of the wearer or shade seeker. These nanoparticles are invisible to the human eye and the colors of the treated textiles remain clear and bright.

The screening effect remains intact even if the fabric becomes wet as a result of perspiration or soaking. BELFASUN® will also resist more than 40 household washes, making the sun protection treatment substantially resistant to the laundry process.


A cotton fabric treated with BELFASUN® is able to withstand more than 40 home laundry cycles – which roughly corresponds to the average lifetime of a cotton garment. An exceptionally wash resistant bonding system keeps the nano zinc oxide particles anchored and in place, giving the BELFASUN® treatment durability.

BELFASUN® treatment can protect against both UVA and UVB radiation when tested by both Australian / New Zealand standards as well as the new Hohenstein Institute 801 standard. This method tests fabrics under conditions where the fabric is wet and stretched which more closely simulates the way garments are used.

The following diagram shows how BELFASUN® treated fabric performs under each test method as well as after 40 home laundry cycles.


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